Self Drive on Hills

Driving in hill regions is really not a major deal. It simply needs a couple of attention and safety measures, which are not quite the same as regular road driving. When you get to know the conditions and slowly get comfortable to the possible circumstances, it will be you the most courageous thing. Yet, before that, you should be resolved, insightful and agreeable. This will help you to be a decent driver, and the precautionary measures will no longer appear to be troublesome.

Start Early

It is always advised to start your trip early in the morning as night driving should be avoided in hills, especially in India. In winters, driving is a clearly no-no in the nights. Due to massive fog, it will surround you completely after sunset, leaving you with nearly negligible visibility.

Gear Shifting

At the time of going downhill, stay off the brakes as much as possible and shift into a lower gear. Just keep in mind always that vehicles going uphill always have the right way. Never hit the brakes hard or else you might be at a risk locking them. Always maintain a lower gear when you are uphill and also before a curve or on a slope, just to get better engine compression.

Tank Full of Fuel and Also Keep Some Surplus

On the hills, most of the petrol pumps close down by 7 pm. It is the same on the highways too. So keep a tab on your fuel meter. Fill it on the plains and get set for your hilly drive.

Rains are Not Always Fun

Be very careful when you are driving during a downpour on hills. Visibility can become very low at times. Avoid moving on a mud road on a highway during raining, and please keep in mind to turn on the windshield wipers and parking lights. Also remember, after driving through slushy paths as many a time, brakes become less productive. So keep some distance between your car and the other vehicles.

Your Safety is in Your Own Hands

When you are close to a hill or a curve, you should slow down. Control the speed very effectively so that you can control your speed as and when you wish too, without any issue. On hills, pass a vehicle only when you have the clear visibility of the road ahead and speed is under your control.

Do Not Drink and Drive

This is the most important and for all kinds of road trips. Do not be careless and too self-assured to drive in hills dead drunk. You will definitely lose control. So, to be as a responsible citizen and a decent driver, it is advisable to avoid drinking, before, and while driving.

Carry Food and Medicines

This is most important thing because you will not find a road-side food junction very regularly from where you can have a quick meal on hills. So keep sufficient food while planning your journey on hills and as for medicines, this does not require any addressing. The ones with vertigo should be extra careful.

Happy Journey!!


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