Montréal – Visit to know this Place!

#Montréal #Quebec #Canada


Once the Commercial Capital of Canada, Surpassed by Toronto. But it is still an important center of Commerce, Aerospace, Education, Technology, Culture, Tourism, Pharmaceuticals, Design.


Some of the Attractions, where i visited during my visit are:

Rue St-Denis – The backbone of Montréal shopping, it is line with garments and hat shops, Terrace Cafes and Bars on both sides of the street.

Vieux-Port de Montréal – Montréal’s Old Port has transformed into a recreation center and fun zone paralleling the compelling St Lawrence River for 2.5km and punctuated by four thousand quais. Local people and guests alike come here for walking, cycling and in-line skating. Journey pontoons, ships, stream water crafts and speedboats all withdraw for visits from different docks. In winter, you can cut a fine figure on an open air ice-skating arena.

Basilique Notre-Dame – Montréal’s famous landmark, Notre-Dame Basilica. Carved Wood, Paintings, Gilded Sculptures and stained Glass Windows, gives pleasure to look around.


There are lot more to explore in this city. It is attractive, you need to visit to explore it!



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