2 Day Trek to Nag Tibba Trek – Indian Himalayas

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DSCF4345.JPGNag Tibba Trek in Uttrakhand is one of the best weekend treks from Delhi for Starters.

It is one of those uncommon treks for which you don’t need to take an extra holiday. But note that this trek will test your stamina and steadiness. So here’s I am putting my excursion details of the trek to Nag TIbba to support you in arranging one in case you are thinking. I started from Delhi obviously.

Night – 1

We had started our journey from Delhi – Mussorrie highway via Haridwar in the night around 2200hrs. We made a half around 0130hrs for some refreshment at Midway.  After that it was a kind of nonstop drive to Mussorrie.

Day – 1

From Mussorrie we moved to Nainbagh and from Nainbagh to Pantwari, which is around 90kms from Dehradun, the starting point of our teak, after having a small half for breakfast.  We had some essentials shopping from Nainbagh as Pantwari Village is not having much option.

It takes two and a half hour from Mussorrie to reach Pantwari Village.


From Pantwari Village start we started our trek to Nag Tibba. The stretch till the Nag Temple (base camp) is around 8 KMS. The stretch is pretty good to get hold of but keep in mind that climbs is not so easy on this trek.

The first stretch is steep gradients. Upon arrival at each stretch, you have to take the trail that you see on your right going upwards.

After walking a 4kms, we touched base at an unobtrusive settlement. It was here that we met with some Locals. It is here that one can recharge your water supply since you won’t discover any amid your further excursions. Indeed, even the water supply at the Nag Temple is not attractive for everybody inspite of the fact that we drank it and resupplied our stock from that point amid our arrival. So consider the reality when you think about your ‘supply of consumable water’.



From here, it is a desolate stroll till you achieve the Nag Tample. It will take approx 1 ½ hours to 2 hours to reach there. During now on the trek there are no human settlements. Just the trek and you may locate this extend somewhat burdening. Appreciate and enjoy the scenes, catch wildflowers in your camera or even a few butterflies and taking off hawks.

Note: Do keep replenishment with yourself to boost your energy level. If you are having porters with you, at least keep some chocolates and nuts/biscuits with you to recharge always.

Upon reaching in Nag Temple base camp, we just checked into the already setup tents thanks to our porters or guide.




Had a lovely dinner and planning to get ready for next day, as it is a challenging day as we have to scale the Nag Tibba peak.

Day – 2  

We got up early in the morning and after having a healthy breakfast with tea/coffee, started for the Nag Tibba. The trail is a straight ahead one as long as it goes up.

As we reach near the summit, on the top, we found vast expanse of small white flower bed all over the peak and awesome views of mighty Himalayan peaks. The peaks that behold from the top include Swargrohini, Bandarpoonch, Kala Nag, Srikanta, and Gangotri. Although, it is the view of Bandarpoonch, that appears most magnificent.



From the Nag Tibba top, we started our extraction back to Pantwari Village. It took us a total of 2-3 hours from the Nag Temple. The declining trail is similarly much agreeable however recommend you not to surge as it are the point at which you are plummeting that the strain on your calf muscle is most.


From Pantwari, took our vehicle and reach Mussorrie and then to Delhi in the wee hours of the morning and thus concludes the weekend trek to Nag Tibba.


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