Top 10 travel mistakes to avoid


I’m Ellis and I’ve been traveling since I was a kid. During my traveling life I made and watched others do many mistakes while traveling, which I’m now sharing with you so that you could learn from them and avoid difficult situations.

  1. Overpack. Think wisely about what you pack. You won’t need everything you think you’ll need. So many times I packed things I never got to use. And many more times I saw people dragging around a huge suitcase just for a weekend trip. Try to travel light: think about bringing with you clothes that all match together, so that you can build different outfits out of less clothes. Decide the one or two make-up looks you’re going to wear and just bring with you the products you need for doing them. Bring travel-sized toiletries. The list can go on and on…
  2. Money. First of all, don’t bring…

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