Holi – An Indian Hindu Festival of Colors and Love!

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Holi a Hindu Spring Festival also known as Festival of Colours and it signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring season after winter and also a day to celebrate with others, play, have fun, forget and forgive, restore bad relationships, also marked as a worshiping for a good harvest.


Holi is one of the major festivals of India and is the most energetic of all and get celebrated across the all corners of India or rather around the world. The celebration is loaded with so much fun and frisk that the very say of “Holi” draws grin and energy among the general population. Holi likewise commends the entry of spring, a period of happiness and trust.

Myth of Holi Festival

Holi is one of the oldest celebrations of India. There are many fascinating stories related with the festival’s beginning as one moves over the distinctive states from North to South and East to West. Works of art and sacred writings delineate the underlying foundations of the celebration. Mythology has an essential impact in portraying the celebration of Holi. The most mainstream epic of Holi source identifies with ‘Holika Dahan’ and Legend of Radha-Krishan.

Story of Holika Dahan

Indispensably weaved with Holi, is the custom of ‘Holika Dahan’, which is really lighting of blazes. The custom is typical of triumph of good over shrewdness and has its root in the legend of devil ruler Hiranyakashyap who wished to end his favored child, Prahlad’s existence with the assistance of his sister, Holika who blazed in the fir and no damage jumped out at Prahlad. From that point forward the day is praised in triumph of good over awful.

Story of Radha & Krishan

The legend of Radha and Krishna is firmly connected with this custom of hues on Holi. Youthful Krishna, who had a dark appearance, was desirous of his beloved Radha’s greatly fair skin. In an underhanded disposition, he connected shading all over. Taking after this old legend, beloveds till date long to shading their dearest as a statement of affection.

Holi Celebrations in India

It is one of the famous and biggest festivals of India and is celebrated with highest energy and fun. Gulal, Abeer and Pichkaris are used in this festival. Careful and fun filed plans are made by everyone to color their loved ones. Everyone wants to be the first to color others. People love to submerge others in store colored water. Gujiyas and other sweets gets offered to all who come for color.

Some Best places to celebrate Holi in India

Yes, home is always the best place to celebrate Holi but al there are some destinations in the country for the crazy Holi celebration in India.

Banke Bihari Temple Holi, Vrindavan


Holi marks a stupendous festival in Vrindavan with tremendous parades of individuals spread in various hues moving to the tunes of the performers.  On the Ekadashi just before the Holi, the city observes Phoolon wali Holi (Holi with Flowers Petals) where blossoms are tossed at the devotees by the temple priests. Another one of a kind festival of Holi in Vrindavan is the Widow’s Holi that started a couple of years back to break the tradition that kept dowager’s from playing with hues or wearing hued garments.

Lathmar Holi, Barsana, Mathura (Hit by a Bambo Stick)

lathmar holi

In another peculiar convention that has been taken after since ages in U.P, the men are whipped with sticks by ladies while playing Holi! Beginning from a little town called Barsana close Mathura, the Lathmar Holi can really be said to be the most odd method for commending the celebration. In any case, it’s a significant sight to get the laughing ladies enjoying sheer putting the sticks to utilize.

The Spring Festival of Shantiniketan

The Spring Festival at Shantiniketan

It is an old and premier university in West Bengal, where the great Nobel laureate and poet, Shree Rabindranath Tagore acquainted the Basant Utsav with remember the old custom. Till today the custom is taken after and celebrated in unmatched get-up-and-go and power. Propelled by Holi and spring the understudies spruce up in bright clothing and put on an immense social party for the guests.

Delhi Ki Holi


delhi holi


With children transforming into shading convicts and senior citizens insane with fun and frisk, Delhi gets somewhat unruly amid Holi. There will be lots of events on the Holi where one can participate and get in Holi mood; you are in for a great time. Every colony try to celebrate with some music and get-together.

Yaoshang Festival, Manipur

Yaoshang Festival of Manipur.jpg

Beginning on the full moon day of Phalguna, Holi comes in progress the colossal Yaoshang Festival of Manipur making it a six day celebration. It is a significant social event to witness with number of society artists and artists performing in the midst of fluorescent lights and blazes are put on fire while individuals play with Gulal. Since the earliest reference point of Vaishnavism these two celebrations are praised in Manipur.

Holla Mohalla, Punjab

Holla Mohalla

The festivals of Holi in Punjab by the sikhs vary from the whole nation from numerous points of view. Local people yell their hearts out after a custom. Besides, they display their hand to hand fighting on this day and play around with hues at night. Delightful halwas, puris, gujias, and malpuas are eaten and served to others.

Hampi Holi


It is uncommon to discover festivities of Holi in South India. In any case, because of the presence of a huge of western travellers in Hampi, it is very prominent in the city. Notwithstanding the utilization of coloured powder and fluid, the festivals of Holi in Hampi likewise incorporate a boisterous mob of music and move.


So, what are you waiting for and which is going to be your best place to celebrate Holi in India with your beloved ones. Whatever you chose make sure to get most out of it!




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