Offbeat Milwaukee Tourism


Looking for weird in Cream City? I’ve got you covered. 

Shaker’s Cigar Bar
Aka Milwaukee’s haunted bar! Shaker’s is an absolute must for those who enjoy dabbling in the unknown. With history involving mobsters and brothels what’s not to love? Sip on some absinthe, have a cigar and get seriously spooky! According to their website Shakers was voted the 5th most haunted bar in the nation! If you’re a skeptic looking for a little convincing Shakers may be a good place to start!

Clock Shadow Creamery
One does not simply go to Wisconsin and not eat cheese. These are the facts folks, pure and simple. If you’re in Milwaukee and looking to try some delightful cheeses why not go big and do a tour too? Clock Shadow Creamery offers cheese-making tours every half hour! Don’t forget to sample some traditional German cheese, French cheese and of course fresh Wisconsin…

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