Day 4.  Gianicolo and Trastevere, Rome

Love Travelling

On our final morning in Rome we started the day with a visit to the Gianicolo Hill viewpoint, one of the highest hills in Rome.  It’s located above the Vatican and Trastevere districts to the west of the Tiber.  Our phone map suggested taking the train to S. Pietro station and following a path from there but after walking up a steep hill and a lengthy flight of steps we discovered that the path ahead was blocked.  After consulting our map again, we decided to take a bus from S.Paola to Gianicolo instead.

Untitled Garibaldi Square, Gianicolo

The journey to the viewpoint was up a steep hillside along narrow, congested roads.  The viewing terrace in Garibaldi square was easily recognisable by its huge statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi on horseback surrounded by busts of other war heroes.

Untitled Gianicolo viewing terrace

The viewing terrace was an oasis of calm with very few people…

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