Catalogue for the Dandy Traveller

A Dippy-Dotty Girl's Travel Tales

First of all, a big cheery hello to you all. I have missed you so. This being such an addiction and all that thrown into the miss-you mixture.

The reason is that it was bank holiday and our itchy feet was tickled enough for us to set off on our beloved English jaunts. This time we drove up north to Yorkshire and into the green, green dales which you have been introduced to in my posts Up and Down the Yorkshire Dales and Crackpot Hall on the Dales. Three days of walking did wonders for our souls. There is nothing like a spot of walking, meeting strangers, exchanging random notes – often about furry mates because the Englishman and his dog shall not be parted – then sitting in a pub with a pint and a hefty plate of roast meat or pie with a fire crackling cheerfully behind our…

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